About Me

Hi, I’m Jane. Lover of dogs, books, my children, my husband, my coffee, and quiet moments. Not necessarily in that order though. This is a place I’ve created for you if you’re looking for a deeper understanding of how to live your life fully, even through the tough seasons. I have no promises to make you “but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a long career.” -Liam Neeson, in Taken

As a result of my life experiences, I DO have a very particular set of skills. Skills like resilience and optimism paired with a heavy dash of dark humor. By most accounts, I am still a young woman and yet I have experienced great, devastating loss in my life more than once already. When I was 18, my father died after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer. His illness and eventual loss have greatly shaped who I am and what I value.

Here is where it gets extra hard, my friends. My newborn son Ramsey died at 8 days old after complications from a virus he contracted, very likely while he was being born. To say his death was unexpected and shocking downplays how severely traumatic losing him was, still is, and will always be for my wonderful husband Dave and I as well as our whole family.

Ramsey Edward Durrett, 4 days old

I choose to honor Ramsey by fulfilling my life long dream to help others live their best lives. Living your best life could mean volunteering at church, being the best cook, having the most refined style, traveling the world, or whatever else it looks like for *you*. I know this lifestyle with substance blog is what living my best life looks like for me.

I hope you will find help here in navigating your own hard stuff so you can be stronger and live a braver, more fulfilled life.

Some Background Deets About Me:

I am based in northern Virginia but my heart will always be on Long Island. I’ve got a mind for data and you’ve never met a person who loves a well-organized spreadsheet more than me.

I am a 30-something gal married to Dave-steadfast, loyal, patient, loving soul that he is, momma to 2 boys, and a writer for a few minutes every week. To know me is to have listened to me talk about my growth mindset.

On our wedding day in 2014.

My oldest, Harvey, is 3. My youngest, Ramsey, is forever 8 days old.

HDD, Sunshine Man Extraordinaire